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      Learn Chess in 12 Lessons
      Comprehensive Chess Course - VOLUME 1
      Catalog Code: B0001LV

      This is the first book in Lev Alburt's famous Comprehensive Chess Course. Learn everything from the basics of piece movement up to the value of the chess pieces, strategies, tactics, and opening principles. These practical exercises take the reader from beginner to tournament-strength chess player. This chess classic has been praised by players and teachers alike.

      Learn Chess in 12 Lessons

      Our Price: $16.95
      From Beginner to Tournament Player in 12 Lessons
      Comprehensive Chess Course - VOLUME 2
      Catalog Code: B0002LV

      This is the Second Volume in the Comprehensive Chess Course. It is aimed at those students who have completed and mastered the lessons in Volume I. Students in this category have mastered the basics and are now ready to not just play Chess, but to play WINNING CHESS!

      From Beginner to Tournament Player in 12 Lessons

      Our Price: $28.95
      Building Up Your Chess
      Catalog Code: B0012LV

      Building Up Your Chess makes use of colorful graphs and a new, more logical method of expressing the evaluation of a chess position to teach the critical skill of assessing how you stand. Lev Alburt's unique experience as both a top-level champion and a world-renowned teacher allow him to explain in a clear, logical way how to master chess.

      Building Up Your Chess

      Regular Price: $29.95

      Our Price: $11.98

      Chess Rules of Thumb
      Catalog Code: B0008LV

      Backed up with diagrams and illustrations to help you remember key principles, a glossary of essential chess terms and a rundown on all major openings, Chess Rules of Thumb will improve your chess play. And it's great fun to read!

      Chess Rules of Thumb

      Our Price: $19.95
      Comprehensive Chess Course - The Complete Collection
      Includes All 7 Books
      Catalog Code: B00CPLV

      In Comprehensive Chess Course, GM Lev Alburt, a highly successful chess coach, offers for the first time the once-secret Russian method of chess training. It is the complete, easy-to-use program for teaching and self-study where Soviet Union and European chess styles are concerned. It features carefully planned repetition and sequences. that will allow the reader to quickly grasp and retain the skills that are critical to being successful in Chess. With GM Alburt's instruction, you will be able to learn chess the correct way and realize your full Chess potential.

      Comprehensive Chess Course - The Complete Collection

      Our Price: $124.95
      Chess for the Gifted & Busy
      A Short but Comprehensive Course - From Beginner to Expert
      Catalog Code: B0018LV

      This right-to-the-point book by one of the game's foremost teacher-writing teams uses a breakthrough approach to teach chess fast!

      Chess for the Gifted & Busy

      Our Price: $19.95
      A Fresh Look at Chess
      40 Instructive Games, Played and Annotated by Players Like You!
      Catalog Code: B0019LV

      For this book, Lev has selected 40 of his best columns, arranged them by themes, cut some material — and added much more, all to make A Fresh Look at Chess both truly instructional and fun to read.

      A Fresh Look at Chess

      Regular Price: $17.95

      Our Price: $7.18

      Platonov's Chess Academy
      Using Soviet-Era Methods to Improve 21st-Century Openings
      Catalog Code: B0020LV

      Publisher: CIRC
      Author: Lev Alburt and Sam Palatnik
      Year of Publication: 2012 Pages: 176
      Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

      Book Description Two of the most renowned chess trainers in the world, introduce and explain the revolutionary ideas of their old friend and mentor, Igor Platonov. Platonov was one of the most profound thinkers and theoreticians in the old Soviet Union, which held a grip on the world chess championship for decades, as the title passed from one of its stars to another. For intermediate players to grandmasters, Platonov's visionary insights, examined and explained here for the first time, provide you with the keys to understanding the foundational concepts of the game, strengthening your chess understanding and giving you effective methods to help you find the most powerful moves in the game. About the Author(s) International Grandmaster Lev Alburt, three-time U.S. champion and former European champion, is one of the most sought-after chess teachers in the world. He lives in New York.Grandmaster Sam Palatnik's students reached the list of 100 best players in the world. He lives and teaches in Bethesda, Maryland.

      Platonov's Chess Academy

      Regular Price: $16.95

      Our Price: $6.78

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