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    CLEARANCE - Portable Chess Coach
    Learn How to Play and Win at Chess in One Easy Reading!
    Catalog Code: B0004CZ

    This entertaining guide for beginners of all ages is like a human chess coach. It clearly explains the basic rules and moves, opening strategies, middle game and endgame, plus the basic tactics and combinations to give you the winning edge. As you glide through the text, Judee helps you along with review questions, practice puzzles, and instructive games, and shows you the ten most common beginner's mistakes.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Portable Chess Coach

    Learn From Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games
    The Brilliant and Instructive Masterpieces of the World's Greatest Chessplayer
    Catalog Code: B0009CZ

    Before his recent retirement, Garry Kasparov held the number one position in chess for nearly twenty years. He is considered the greatest player of all time. Now, beginning and intermediate players, ninety percent of the chess playing audience, can benefit from his wisdom.

    Learn From Garry Kasparov's Greatest Games


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