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      Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics
      How He Thinks, How He Moves
      Catalog Code: B0016SS

      Russian grandmaster Gary Kasparov is the youngest world champion ever. He is renowned for his aggressive play and superior tactics, which the author, a U.S. national chess master, analyzes in this book of recapped pivotal positions. Pandolfini opens with a brief biographical sketch on Kasparov and then proceeds to discuss how Kasparov responded or might have responded to 150 or so actual and hypothetical situations.

      Kasparov's Winning Chess Tactics

      Our Price: $15.95
      Petrosian the Powerful
      Catalog Code: CB0055CD

      Short Description for Petrosian The Powerful - CB0055CD

      Petrosian the Powerful

      Regular Price: $12.95

      Our Price: $5.18

      My Love Affair with Tchigorin
      Catalog Code: CB0031CD

      By one of America's best players of the 1930's-40's and a world renown "Romantic". His pre-game comments and annotation of all games will delight you. The long introduction tells of how Santasiere is going to share the joys of one of the greatest chess artists of all time with us. He then encourages us to play romantic, fighting chess like Tchigorin, instead of unoriginal chess. This book could certainly be recommended for the Romantic chess player.

      My Love Affair with Tchigorin

      Regular Price: $7.95

      Our Price: $3.18

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