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      Chess Target Practice
      Battle Tactics for Every Square on the Board
      Catalog Code: B0003SS

      No matter where your opponent lands his piece on the board, Chess Target Practice will teach you how to successfully attack his position. By analyzing each and every square, Bruce Pandolfini helps players learn the appropriate tactics to zero in on the target and move in for the kill. Because different positions necessitate different attack plans, this one-of-a-kind strategy book offers tactics for each of the squares on the board.

      Chess Target Practice

      Our Price: $15.75
      Pandolfini's Chess Complete
      The Most Comprehensive Guide to the Game from History to Strategy
      Catalog Code: B0011SS

      The perfect addition to any personal chess library, Pandolfini's Chess Complete is a comprehensive, accessible reference. National Master Bruce Pandolfini has covered every aspect of the game, from chessboard and pieces to history and strategy, and has responded to virtually any possible question or situation that could arise. From algebra notation to "zugzwang," Pandolfini has created the chess bible for players of all levels.
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      Pandolfini's Chess Complete

      Our Price: $17.95
      Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess
      Basic to Advanced Strategies with America's Foremost Chess Instructor
      Catalog Code: B0014SS

      From America's foremost chess teacher and author comes a new standard: a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the game, to improve your technique whether you are a newcomer or a longtime fan.

      One of America's best-known chess masters, Bruce Pandolfini has helped millions learn the intricacies of chess through his acclaimed books and workshops.

      Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess

      Our Price: $16.95

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