Dreispringerspiel bis Königsgambit - GERMAN EDITION

    Moderne Theorie der Schacheröffnungen

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    Modern Theories of Chess Openings - Three Knights Game to the King's Gambit

    Three Knights Game, Four Knights, Italian game, Two Knights, Russian Defence, Vienna Game, including the King's Gambit A new opening book by Keres - which for many chess fans the big event! No doubt rightly, for the well-known Soviet chess grandmaster knows not only how to explain the current state of opening theory, but he has enriched himself with important ideas in the theory of many openings. His basic opening works therefore receive the most recognition worldwide. In this new book "Three Knights Game to the King's Gambit" he treats all open games except for the Spanish (Three-and Four Knights, Italian game, Evans Gambit, Two Knights, Scottish game, Russian Defence, Vienna Game and Gambit, King's Gambit, etc.). Contents: Three Knights Game / Four Knights / Italian / Two Knights / Russian defense / Vienna Game / King's Gambit etc. In order to bring this second edition up to date, the author has analyzed many local and long distance chess tournaments in recent years carefully. Therefore, it is possible for him, even less often played in numerous variants identify improvements and new ways. From the extensive material about older and today hardly common variations Keres has made a smart selection that is based on the essential.

    Paul Keres was one of the five or six strongest players in the world from 1935 when he emerged as a sensational 19-year-old at the 1935 World Chess Olympics in Warsaw until his untimely death by heart attack at the time of an international airplane flight from Vancouver to Helsinki in 1975. During most of his life, Keres was the number three player in the world. This unfortunate circumstance led to the top two players in the world playing repeated matches for the World Chess Championship, whereas Keres who was usually number three never got a shot at the World Championship. Keres was a native of Estonia. He was always an Estonian patriot, even though he had to keep quiet about it during the years of Soviet rule. His picture appears on both the money and the postage stamps of Estonia.

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    ISBN 9784871875431
    Manufacturer Ishi Press
    Author(s) Paul Keres
    Pages 344
    Publication Date Dec 17, 2012
    Notation Type AN - Algebraic

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