RockLove - Pawn Chess Necklace-18" Square Chain

    Product Code: RL-6033-18

    RockLove - Pawn Chess Necklace-18" Square Chain


    Analogous with intelligence and sophistication, chess has obsessed the minds of royalty, military, the elite and the mundane for the past 1500 years. The silhouettes are timelessly recognizable - with centuries of romance and conquest soberly contained within the six iconic shapes. Wars - and sanity - have been won and lost on the black and white board.

    Depicting the "common man," at one point each pawn had it's own unique profession (Merchant, Farmer, Innkeeper) while in other instances they are all known more uniformly as foot soldiers. Throughout history, the Pawn has been rife with political commentary - he is not merely the indispensable laymen protecting the more important king, but rather the martyr who sacrifices himself for the greater good.

    Multiple chain length options to choose from.

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