Comprehensive Chess Course - The Complete Collection

    Includes All 7 Books

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    In Comprehensive Chess Course, GM Lev Alburt, a highly successful chess coach, offers for the first time the once-secret Russian method of chess training. It is the complete, easy-to-use program for teaching and self-study where Soviet Union and European chess styles are concerned. It features carefully planned repetition and sequences. that will allow the reader to quickly grasp and retain the skills that are critical to being successful in Chess. With GM Alburt's instruction, you will be able to learn chess the correct way and realize your full Chess potential.

    This Collection includes all 7 of the Comprehensive Chess Course Books:

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 1: Learn Chess in 12 Lessons - $16.95 MSRP

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 2: From Beginner to Tournament Player in 12 Lessons - $28.95 MSRP

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 3: Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player - $19.95 MSRP

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 4: The King in Jeopardy - $16.95 MSRP

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 5: Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player - $24.95

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 6: Chess Training Pocket Book - $17.95 MSRP

    * Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 7: Just The Facts! -$26.95 MSRP

    If purchases separately, these 7 books would cost $155.65. Here's your opportunity to own the Complete Comprehensive Chess Course at a savings of 20% Off MSRP.

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    Product Details

    ISBN 9781889323237
    Manufacturer Chess Information
    Author(s) Lev Alburt
    Publication Date Jun 15, 2010
    Book Edition N/A

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