Topalov - Anand 2010 World Chess Championship - 2 DVD's - Chess Lecture - Volume 32

Product Code: DVD0032CL


Founded in 2005 ChessLecture.com is one of the largest chess instructional libraries in the world. Our lectures are created and presented by Grand Masters, International Masters and National Masters and contain excellent instruction by experienced players for the chess enthusiast.

Jesse Kraai: Topalov vs. Anand Game 1: Run Time 00:28:38 seconds

Dennis Monokroussos: Anand vs. Topalov Game 2: Run Time 38 mins 19 seconds

David Vigorito: Topalov vs. Anand Game 3: Run Time 22 mins 39 seconds

David Vigorito: Anand vs. Topalov Game 4: Run Time 38 mins 59 seconds

Jesse Kraai: Topalov vs. Anand Game 5: Run Time 27 mins 20 seconds

Jesse Kraai: Topalov vs. Anand Game 6: Run Time 28 mins 38 seconds

Bryan Smith: Anand vs. Topalov Game 7: Run Time 38 mins 19 seconds

David Vigorito: Topalov vs. Anand Game 8: Run Time 22 mins 39 seconds

Jesse Kraai: Anand vs. Topalov Game 9: Run Time 37 mins 40 seconds

Dennis Monokroussos: Topalov vs. Anand Game 10: Run Time 39 mins 58 seconds

Bill Paschall: Anand vs. Topalov Game 11: Run Time 41 mins 53 seconds

David Vigorito: Topalov vs. Anand Game 12: Anatoly Karpov vs. Judit Polgar Run Time 36 mins 39 seconds

Bryan Smith: Topalov vs. Anand 2010: The Critical Moments Run Time 1 hr 4 mins 8 seconds

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Additional Information

Manufacturer ChessLecture.com
Host GM Jesse Kraai
Popular Collections ChessLecture.com DVDs
Publication Date Nov 7, 2012
Runtime 490 Minutes
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere