Sales and Deals

Those that read some of the entries to this blog may see it as a way of trying to sell chess products to people. That is only partly true. When I was asked to write this blog, it was specifically asked of me to connect customers with products that make sense for them. I was asked to help new people know what to purchase and, in many cases, look at the positives and negatives of different products. For example, openings books can be helpful but I help you understand which openings books will help you.

Therefore, it is only natural that I also try to connect you with the good deals offered by USCF Sales and House of Staunton. They both regularly have various sales going on and discounted products. These items generally sell fast but I will show you where to look for these items. I will also point out special deals that are going on that you may take advantage of if you’re quick enough.

A Lifetime Warranty
One of the coolest things House of Staunton offers is a lifetime warranty against hairline cracks in the wooden pieces of these two specific chess sets which is called the Forever Collection. People who buy wooden chess sets know that a piece might get a hairline crack at some point. However, the forever collection guarantees this won’t happen with its patent pending special weighting design.

Book Deals
If you are ok with books that have imperfections such as a scratch on the front, a torn page, a few folded corners on a book, or other similar issues, then check out the Shop Worn Books section. These books are generally a little damaged but entirely functional for their intended purpose.

Similarly, there is also the clearance book/magazine section. These books are not slightly damaged like in the Shop Worn Books section. Instead, we just have them up for clearance pricing. Some of the best deals can be found here so check it out.

Clearance Chess Sets
In the clearance chess sets area you get 50% off all sets. These sets are perfectly fine, and you can get some of the best deals here. As new sets come in, we must make room for the new. Take advantage of these deals while they last.

Clearance Software
The software clearance section of the website features some very good software. One of the best currently on clearance is CT Art for Beginners. Always check this section for good deals on software, especially since software can be a bit pricy sometimes.

What else is there?
Sometimes, USCF Sales and House of Staunton have holiday deals, special deals, and bulk savings deals. For example, many products, especially with tournament chess sets and other related items, give a bulk discount for ordering at various levels. For example, the basic tournament set and board combo has discounts based on how many you order at the 4+, 10+, 20+, 40+, 100+, and 200+ levels. If you ever need well above those numbers, contact USCF Sales.

This Blog
The whole point of this blog is to help you save money by connecting you to the products that will serve you best. I give practical book buying advice, discuss which software will be helpful, and help people understand the differences between all the different chess sets (which can be confusing for new people). This blog, for you, is a resource not only to save money but also to help you improve.