Cheparinov's 1. d4! Volume 1 - King's Indian and Grunfeld

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In this first volume of Cheparinov’s 1.d4! readers will find the author's own way of working on openings, and the way he analyzes. Many of the lines and conclusions in this book are based not only on computer evaluation, but also on the practical point of view. Of course all the lines have been deeply analyzed by strong engines, and although the author is sure they are not perfect, the most important thing is that all evaluations are based on his own understanding and knowledge of chess. He believes this book should be used as a starting point, from which to build progress in opening preparation. 

In the book the author reveals many new ideas and concepts. The first volume of the series focuses on 3.f3 against the Grünfeld and King’s Indian, two of the most popular openings against 1.d4. he tried to discuss all possible lines for Black after 3.f3, but of course focused on the most principled ones. Most of the lines are very double-edged.

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ISBN 9789492510709
Manufacturer Thinkers Publishing
Author/s Ivan Cheparinov
Pages 191 pages
Publication Date Dec 10, 2019
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback