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Castle-Mate adds an entertaining new dimension to the game of chess.

Castle-Mate Overview

This 54 card set comes in a clear plastic jewel case to protect the cards as you travel. Each set comes with 2 game instructions and rule cards. The playing cards are designed and manufactured in the USA

  • Fun for everyone
  • Castle-Mate is designed for chess players of all ages and of any level.
  • Improves your skills
  • Castle-Mate enhances tactical ability by creating unexpected variations in the normal game. 


In addition, the Castle-Mate cards, give the game an element of Luck which allows players of any level to be competitive against each other.
For younger players the format of the Castle-Mate game will help alleviate any insecurities they may experience when facing a more advanced player.


"The Castle-Mate cards make the chess game unpredictable and interesting."

Game Basics

The Castle-Mate Game Cards are incorporated into the normal game of chess (World Chess Federation, FIDE, rules apply). White, without taking a card, makes the first move. Black has the option to make a regular chess move, or take a card.

Take a card and let the fun begin.

With every turn, the players have an option to make a regulation chess move or take a card. If the King is in check, the player cannot take a card and must, use the turn, to move the King to safety. A player can use any of the cards, he or she currently possesses, to aid in the King’s safety. 

The Castle-Mate cards are designed to appeal to Chess Players of any age and skill. The level of sophistication is really determined by the skill of the players. However, Chess-Mate adds an unpredictable element to the game:  Luck of the Draw.

Selection of a particular card, at any given moment, can dramatically alter the outcome of the game. As in the regular game, Check-mate wins. Resignations, Stalemates and Draws are applicable, as stated by World Chess Federation rules. You can also win by drawing specific cards at the right moment. 

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New Concept Review by Nick
Great game for the kids. Keeps them coming back (Posted on 3/28/2018)

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