CLEARANCE - Gari Kasparov 1981-1984

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Kasparov's career, up through his 21st birthday, was notohing less than spectacular. His moody glare across the chess table, his oddly 19th century approach to chess logic, while periodically responding to new problems with brilliant and unconventional solultions, his reputation as a fiery Armenian maverick, his refusal to kowtow to the rituals of Eastern European chess politics all combined to make him a favorite contender for world champion during his third decade. 

Yet there were peculiar lapses in Kasparov's play, as are revealed in some of the games here. Not so evident in a book of games is the role that time pressure plays in decision making and time pressure plagued Kasparov for much of his early career.

Three pivotal years are covered in this collection of games and annotations, from age 18 to 21. As he approached manhood, the moody Armenian became more thoughtful, more deliberate, and ever more likely to take breathtaking chances at unexpected moments. It was all reminiscent of an early youth who rose by a remarkably similar path to stardom: Bobby Fischer.

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ISBN 0941426130
Manufacturer Players' Press
Pages 129 pages
Publication Date Aug 3, 1983
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback