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200 Open Games

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200 Open Games centers around the popular 1. P-K4 P-K4 opening (Bobby Fischer, for one, consistently chooses the king's pawn opening). "The author's idea," writes Bronstein, "is to show that quite a large number of similar games are in fact different in the way they have been created in the minds of the players. And although they are different, all these games, with their identical first move, still retain for a considerable time traces of one and the same inherited pattern. ..."

The 200 open games are grouped separately under the different "openings", concentrating on the Ruy Lopez. "The chess goddess Kaissa, foresaw endless discussion about the infinite nature of chess and in order to make it easier to find arguments, she invented the Ruy Lopez by way of proof," to quote the author. Bronstein avoids the conventional technical move-by-move analysis; the moves for each game are presented in full and there is a wealth of illustrative diagrams, but the lively and frequently amusing commentary analysis emphasize the ideas behind the moves and the main feature of each game. As a result, the reader gets a real insight into the thinking of a brilliant grandmaster. He is also able to appreciate the way in which the original 1 P-K4 P-K4 move imposes its patterns on the subsequent game for a considerable time - and equally, the subtle ways in which very different games are created in the minds of the players.

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ISBN 9784871874199
Manufacturer Ishi Press
Author/s David Bronstein
Pages 240 pages
Publication Date Aug 1, 2019
Notation Type DN - Descriptive
Book Binding Type Paperback
Book Edition This is a Modern Reprint of a Classic Book