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My 60 Memorable Games

Descriptive Edition

Product Code: B0013IS


Publisher: Ishi Press
Author: Bobby Fischer
Year of Publication: 2009(2nd)

Pages: 384
Notation Type: Descriptive (DN)

Book Description

This is an exact reproduction of the original 1969 classic work, My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer. Unfortunately, there have been many efforts by other authors and contributors to "improve" on Fischer's work by converting the text into algebraic notation and then correcting what they thought were mistakes in analysis. It turned out that what they thought were mistakes by Fischer were mistakes by themselves. Fischer's analysis was correct. Their's was wrong. As a result, Fischer famously went on the radio to denounce those who claimed to have "improved" on his work.

Even since his death, new editions have come out promising that there have been no changes from the original, but researchers have discovered hundreds of changes in the new editions that supposedly contain no changes.

The book in your hands contains no changes at all on the inside of this book. Even a typo on the first page has been preserved. The only changes are on this back cover and on the spine. These changes are necessary because most bookstores now require a barcode and an ISBN number on the back, unlike in 1969.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781906388300
Manufacturer Ishi Press
Author/s Bobby Fischer
Pages 384 Pages
Publication Date Apr 3, 2009
Notation Type DN - Descriptive
Book Binding Type Paperback
Book Edition This is a Modern Reprint of a Classic Book