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Attack! - The Subtle Art of Winning Brilliantly

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“To be passive... is fatal to the beginner or medium player – such players must be aggressive. He must attack, because only in that way can he develop his imagination, which is a very important thing.” This quote comes, perhaps surprisingly, from José Capablanca, a world champion far better known for his brilliant strategic and positional play than his attacking prowess.

This emphasizes the fundamental importance of having a clear understanding of how to build up and execute an attack. Every chess player loves to attack. Directing one’s forces towards the enemy king, probing to create weaknesses and ultimately crashing through with a brilliant sacrifice is always a thrilling experience. However, attacking play must always be based on sound principles and carried out in a forceful and logical manner. This is not always a straightforward task.

In this book, the highly experienced author and grandmaster Neil McDonald guides the reader through all the complexities of attacking play. Topics include:Attacking a king trapped in the centre.

  • Attacking a king trapped in the centre.
  • Exploiting weaknesses to develop an attack.
  • Preventing reinforcements from rescuing the king.

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ISBN 9781781945674
Manufacturer Everyman Chess
Author/s Neil McDonald
Pages 368 Pages
Publication Date May 5, 2021
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback