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CLEARANCE - Chessplayer's Laboratory - Polugayevsky-Nyezhmetdinov

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The mathematics of chess are awesome. The programmers of the world's top chess computer, Deep Thought, predict that they will defeat Gary Kasparov only when their machine is able to visualise one billion different positions per second. Nevertheless, even that alarming numeral only brings the computer to a state where it can see seven moves ahead for each side, a feat routinely accomplished by grandmasters. 

Exhaustive analysis can become obsessional. Comments to most games in print necessarily, through limitations on space, convey less than what was seen by the players during the game. Eric Schiller, press chief at both the London 1986 and New York 1990 world championship matches, has recently embarked on a remarkable exercise of chessboard exegesis. To his already numerous publications he is adding a series of monographs, each one analyzing just one game, but in enormous depth and certainly far in excess of what a player could have seen during any practical game.

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ISBN 9781880673881
Manufacturer Hays Publishing
Author/s Eric Schiller
Pages 48 pages
Publication Date Sep 2, 1992
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback