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  128. Tim Harding (1)
  129. Timofey Galinsky (1)
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  131. Tony Miles (1)
  132. Valeri Beim (2)
  133. Viacheslav Eingorn (1)
  134. Viktor Moskalenko (2)
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  1. Winning Ugly in Chess

    Winning Ugly in Chess

    In Winning Ugly in Chess you will see games where weird moves are rewarded. Cyrus Lakdawala knows that playing good chess is all very well, but that beating your opponent is better.
    Learn More
  2. Chess - Easy to Learn, Fun to Play

    Chess - Easy to Learn, Fun to Play

    With this book of little adventures, children will learn to play chess and be effortlessly engaged throughout thanks to the gripping mix of exciting characters and logical challenges.
    Learn More

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $17.60

  3. PRE-ORDER - The Knight - The Cunning Cavalry

    PRE-ORDER - The Knight - The Cunning Cavalry

    In his ground-breaking series, The Power of the Pieces, Belorussian grandmaster Sergey Kasparov examines the strengths, weaknesses and overall characteristics of each piece on the chessboard. This second volume in the series is about the knight. Its role in the opening, middlegame and endgame is discussed in detail, amply supported by almost 140 complete games from tournament praxis.
    Learn More
  4. Coach Yourself

    Coach Yourself

    Many players are serious about their chess but become stuck at a certain playing strength. Usually they get left behind because they don’t know how to make best use of the time they have available to study chess. This book addresses this problem and is your self-improvement plan. It shows you how to work on your own games to root out mistakes. It will sharpen your calculation of variations. You will be challenged to find the best middlegame strategy.
    Learn More
  5. Say No to Chess Principles!

    Say No to Chess Principles!

    In this, his first book for Thinkers Publisher, Evgeny investigates, in his inimitable style, the current modern approach to chess. Players sometimes blindly follow rules, restricting themselves to what they have learned without even considering successfully "breaking" the rules. Such stereotypical thinking is a trap which chess players should try to avoid, and in this book, Evgeny makes a strong case for creative thinking and ways to leave the well-trodden paths and confuse the opponent with a fresh approach. Grandmaster Bareev may surprise you with this groundbreaking subject, we promise you it will be a pleasant surprise!
    Learn More
  6. Coaching the Chess Stars

    Coaching the Chess Stars

    How does one achieve the unique ‘sound’ and distinct technique that are absolutely necessary to become successful at the highest level? It can only be done via a deep understanding of the chess player’s personality and the unique talent that distinguishes him from other soloists. It is here that the role of a coach is of the utmost importance.
    Learn More
  7. Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess - Vol. 1

    Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess - Vol. 1

    In this highly original book, Grandmaster Alexander Ipatov shares the chess philosophy that helped him become a top Grandmaster. Contrary to the generally accepted norms that permeate the modern chess world, he argues that spending most of one's training time on studying opening theory and memorizing trending lines until move 30 is wrong. However, this is exactly how most beginners start learning chess nowadays.
    Learn More
  8. The Woodpecker Method

    The Woodpecker Method

    This book contains everything you need to carry out your own Woodpecker training. Smith and Tikkanen explain how to get the maximum benefit from the method, before presenting over 1100 puzzles and solutions, all of whicj have been checked and double-checked for accuracy and stability.
    Learn More
  9. Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player - Volume 2

    Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player - Volume 2

    In his second volume Ris continues to explore the essential elements of practical play for any club player. Again, the result is that Ris offers a course to help chess students master all facts of the game.
    Learn More
  10. 300 Most Important Chess Positions

    300 Most Important Chess Positions

    In this highly instructive book, Thomas Engqvist analyses the 300 most important chess positions - perfect for players who want to reach a higher level but don't have the time to sit for hours and hours each week in less productive study.
    Learn More
  11. Better Thinking, Better Chess

    Better Thinking, Better Chess

    Finding strong moves does not simply depend on how much you know about chess. In fact, greater knowledge often makes choosing a move more complex because it increases the number of directions your mind can take. It’s about the way you think. This book teaches how you can improve the structure and effectiveness of your thinking when sitting at the board. How to look for the right things. If you take the wrong direction at the start of your deliberations, as club players often do, you may be losing before you know it.
    Learn More
  12. Clinch It!

    Clinch It!

    How good are you at bringing in the full point when you hold a clear advantage or are just plain winning? An honest response to this question is likely to evoke some painful memories. Perhaps the single greatest frustration for club level chess players is that time and again they see wins turn into draws or even losses. Lakdawala teaches how to efficiently exploit a development lead, capitalize on an attack, identify and convert favourable imbalances, accumulate strategic advantages and other tools to increase your conversion rate. His examples are compelling, his explanations are captivating and often funny.
    Learn More
  13. Chess Coaching for Kids - The U10-Project

    Chess Coaching for Kids - The U10-Project

    In the last twenty or so years, the age of education for chess has dropped drastically. There are more and more young chess players who compete in childhood at tournaments of all levels, from regional national and even World Championships. Unfortunately, the current chess literature still provides virtually nothing which could help parents and coaches to prepare and support their children / students for such challenges. To fill this gap, Thomas Luther, Grandmaster and FIDE Senior Coach, and a team of seasoned experts have assembled a collection examples and test assignments to give parents and players a strong understanding of what is to be expected.
    Learn More
  14. Modern Chess Strategy

    Modern Chess Strategy

    Modern Chess Strategy is a book about the strategies in modern chess by author Edward Lasker with introductions by Richard Bozukich and Sam Sloan. It also includes a special appendix on the game of Go. A Japanese variation of chess which will keep you as addicted to it as the game of chess.
    Learn More
  15. Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners

    Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners

    Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners teaches the most important patterns you need to know in order to develop and mobilize your pieces, manoeuvre your pawns into positions of strength, put pressure on your opponent, attack the enemy king, and execute standard sacrifices to get the initiative.
    Learn More
  16. Pawns, Time and Space In Modern Chess

    Pawns, Time and Space In Modern Chess

    The core of the book cosists of 49 deeply annotated games played by the elite players. On top of that, there are 127 practical tests, so the material presented as a whole may be extremely useful to a wide audience. Of course, chess trainers and will find many of the games and test positions adequate for their chess lectures.
    Learn More
  17. Under the Surface

    Under the Surface

    This book invites you beneath the surface, where you can learn to navigate the depths of chess. Jan Markos shows how a strong player perceives chess, which features of a position he focuses on, and how he thinks at the board.
    Learn More
  18. The Learning Spiral - A New Way to Teach and Study Chess

    The Learning Spiral - A New Way to Teach and Study Chess

    With twenty-five years' experience getting underprivileged kids to achieve beyond all expectations, Cripe now takes his holistic instructional methods to the chess arena. Designed for both chess novices and their coaches, The Learning Spiral sets out the theory, explains how it works, and then applies it with more than 400 positions for the student to solve.
    Learn More
  19. Together with the Candidates

    Together with the Candidates

    This book is a presentation of the history of all the Candidates tournaments and matches, spanning from Budapest 1950 to Berlin 2018. It is also a book of tests and solutions, featuring hand selected game fragments from the various Candidates events. The tests vary widely in their degree of complexity. allowing a wide circle of readers to find the tests corresponding to their own chess level here
    Learn More
  20. The Chess Toolbox

    The Chess Toolbox

    In chess, as in repair or construction jobs in and around the house, you will not get very far without the right equipment. If you want to win more games you simply need the right tools. Unfortunately, most amateur chess players have no toolbox to speak of. International Master and experienced chess trainer Thomas Willemze is the handyman you are looking for. He tells you which are the most urgent problems that need fixing.
    Learn More
  21. Multiple Choice Chess - Volume 1 & 2

    Multiple Choice Chess - Volume 1 & 2

    Together in one volume for the first time are Graeme Buckley's Multiple Choice Chess and Multiple Choice Chess Volume Two. Are you realising your chess potential? Multiple Choice Chess International Master Graeme Buckley helps you to find out. Through a series of instructive games where you must work out the next move and the tactics and strategies surrounding it, you can assess your own chess strength.
    Learn More
  22. The Bishop

    The Bishop

    In his new, ground-breaking series, The Power of the Pieces, Belorussian grandmaster Sergey Kasparov examines the strengths, weaknesses and overall characteristics of each piece on the chessboard. This first volume in the series is about the bishop. Its role in the opening, middlegame and endgame is discussed in detail, amply supported by over 140 examples from tournament praxis.
    Learn More
  23. Super Chess Kids

    Super Chess Kids

    Super Chess Kids tells you all you need to know about recognizing and exploiting weaknesses in your opponent’s position. You will learn how to evaluate your position, develop a plan, and calculate moves of attack and defence. You will also see typical errors that even the best young players tend to make.
    Learn More
  24. Applying Logic in Chess

    Applying Logic in Chess

    Is chess a logical game? What constitutes an advantage in chess? How can we set problems and create psychologically difficult situations for the opponent? These are big questions, and Erik Kislik tackles them and others head-on in this thought-provoking, thoroughly modern, and original work.
    Learn More
  25. Chess Lessons

    Chess Lessons

    In this, his penultimate work, legendary chess instructor Mark Dvoretsky (1947-2016) explores identifying and dealing with problems on the chessboard. “While working on the games that I have included in this book, I have sought to uncover their core ideas which are important for a chessplayer’s improvement and demonstrate them as vividly as possible. Those may include both approaches to playing out certain typical situations and mastering various positional and tactical ideas, as well as improving technical skills and training an ability to search for decisions and to make them on the basis of the precise calculation of variations.
    Learn More
  26. Candidate Moves

    Candidate Moves

    Christian tackles one of the most important issues in chess: how to select candidate moves. He illustrates and discusses many different themes such as entering relatively uncharted territory, replying on your acquired knowledge, using intuition and how to play prophylactically. He uses examples from his own games, the result is a uniquely useful book that will help you to raise the level of your general play.
    Learn More
  27. The Shereshevsky Method to Improve in Chess

    The Shereshevsky Method to Improve in Chess

    In 2014 the Russian Chess Federation started a wide-ranging programme aimed at the revival of chess in Russia. One of the first actions that were taken was commissioning legendary Byelorussian chess coach Mikhail Shereshevsky to recapitulate and condense his famous training methods. In doing so, Shereshevsky has created a totally reworked compendium of his acclaimed classics Endgames Strategy and The Soviet Chess Conveyor, with many new examples and exercises. Furthermore, he has added a new and highly effective approach on how to calculate variations. Club players all over the world who wish to improve their game have now access to Shereshevsky’s famous training programme in one volume.
    Learn More
  28. Grandmaster Preparation - Thinking Inside the Box - PAPERBACK

    Grandmaster Preparation - Thinking Inside the Box - PAPERBACK

    In "Thinking Inside the Box", Jacob Aagaard describes his chess improvement philosophy, developed over more than twenty years of thinking about one question: How do we make better decisions at the chess board? Thinking Inside the Box is the ultimate self-improvement guide, written for amateurs as well as world-class players.
    Learn More
  29. A Chess Course - From Beginner to Winner

    A Chess Course - From Beginner to Winner

    Three brilliant books from Everyman Chess in One volume and an essential guide to to the new chess player: Starting Out in Chess by Byron Jacobs, Rapid Chess Improvement by Michael de la Maza and Tips for Young Players by Matthew Sadler
    Learn More
  30. Everyone's Second Chess Book

    Everyone's Second Chess Book

    You've just read a chess beginners' manual and learned the rules of the game, some simple tactics, maybe a few opening moves. What's next for the ambitious player? Everyone's Second Chess Book, of course! Acclaimed chess teacher Dan Heisman equips the not-quite-novice with the practical tools and knowledge needed to get started in competitive play, using examples from inexperienced players to provide a wealth of common-sense advice, topping it off with a collection of illustrative games and practice puzzles.
    Learn More
  31. Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player - Vol. 1

    Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player - Vol. 1

    In this first volume of "Crucial Chess Skills for the Club Player", attention is given to three essential elements of practical play. These three aspects aren't closely related to each other, but together form the key to improvement for any ambitious chess player.
    Learn More
  32. A Compehensive Chess Assessment and Learning Tool

    A Compehensive Chess Assessment and Learning Tool

    This is a comprehensive tool for a chess player or a chess coach to evaluate their chess knowledge. You can improve your chess game if you become aware of what you need to study.
    Learn More
  33. Chess Behind Bars

    Chess Behind Bars

    Chess Behind Bars offers a guide to chess in prisons that will instruct and entertain regardless of your situation. It covers almost every aspect of chess imaginable – from the rules to chess history, from puzzles to famous games, and even some tips for improvement. It is a smorgasbord of chess, seen from an unusual angle.
    Learn More
  34. Dynamic Decision Making in Chess - PAPERBACK

    Dynamic Decision Making in Chess - PAPERBACK

    In Dynamic Decision Making in Chess former World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand continues his investigation into decision-making at the top level, discussing some of his best games as well as his worst slips, giving the reader a unique insight into the mind of a world-class grandmaster.
    Learn More
  35. 365 Chess Master Lessons

    365 Chess Master Lessons

    In this book, 365 of the most instructive short games of chess are analyzed, step by step, by well-respected author Andrew Soltis. Arranged as daily lessons, this book is perfect for chess players who would like to reach the next level of skill but can’t devote hours and hours each day to study.
    Learn More

    Out of stock

  36. Great Moves

    Great Moves

    What’s the best way to learn chess? Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History blends the intricacies of chess play with the game’s compelling and colorful history, putting real people at the 64 squares.
    Learn More

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