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The ChessVolt Battery Pack

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ChessVolt - accumulator for MILLENNIUM chess computer

Perfect for garden & balcony, camping and all places with no power point available.

The useful accumulator-pack is suitable for Millennium chess computer and accessories with 9 V power supply:

M820: ChessGenius Exclusive

M822: Chess Link 

M823: The King Element 

M824: The King Exclusive Lasker Edition 

M826: The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition 

M830: The King Performance 

ChessVolt is charged simply with the chess computer’s mains adapter. With ChessVolt many hours of play independent from the grid are guaranteed. Just connect your chess computer with the provided cable. 4 LEDs inform on the charge state.

**Note: It will only work with the Millenium Chess Genius Exclusive, The King Exclusive Chess960 Limited Edition and the King Performance chess computers.


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Additional Information

Manufacturer Millennium
Computer Rating (USCF) 2600+
Batteries Required 9V (Included)