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The King Exclusive Chess960 Limited Edition Chess Computer

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Limited chess computer edition of only 250 units

The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition

The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition consists of the Millennium Exclusive sensory chessboard with piece-recognition and the chess computer module “The King Element”. The latter comes with an extended software. Besides the popular variation of play "chess960“ ("Fischer Random Chess“) seven additional opening books are provided. Furthermore the module displays opening-names and ECO-codes and suggests moves already in the opening, making it easy to exercise variations..

The module is equipped with an individual edition plate and a hand-lasered serial-number. The special collector-packaging with dichromatic foil-die completes the overall picture. This special edition is limited to 250 sets.

The characteristics of this unique edition summarised:

  • Limited to 250 pieces
  • Chessboard including The King Element
  • Lasered serial number and edition-badge on the processing unit
  • Special packaging with gold- and silver-coloured foil-imprinting

Handcrafted chess computer made from real wood and with automatic chess piece recognition

  • With a skill level of over 2400 Elo
  • Flat real wood chessboard, 40 x 40 x 2 cm with fully automatic piece recognition
  • Move display with 81 single field LEDs, 4 per square
  • Handcrafted wood chess pieces, king height approx. 74 mm
  • Moves are recognized by unique ChessGenius Exclusive RFID technology in the included sensored pieces
  • Computer unit with large backlit display, can also be used as a chess clock
  • Cursor-controlled menu navigation with a choice of 7 different languages: GB, DE, FR, NL, ES, IT, RU
  • Countless difficulty levels, infinitely configurable
  • Fun levels for beginners
  • Easy levels (limits to calculated levels)
  • Fast chess and rapid chess
  • Tournament chess with/without chess clock, etc.
  • Wide variety of setting options (display contrast, computing speed, board rotation etc.)
  • Shows suggested moves
  • Shows position rating and main variant as well as permant brain calculations
  • Displays the calculation depth and number of moves analysed
  • Entering chess positions is child's play thanks to automatic chess piece recognition
  • Monitor positions via the on-screen board display
  • Analysis mode with countless options

Power supply with main adaptor (included) or with additional accupack "ChessVolt" 

OPTIONAL UPGRADE The ChessVolt Battery Pack - A $99.95 Value, Only $79.95 When Purchased with the King Performance Computer

ChessVolt - accumulator for MILLENNIUM chess computer.

Perfect for garden & balcony, camping und all places with no power point available.

The useful accumulator-pack is suitable for Millennium chess computer and accessories with 9 V power supply:

M820: ChessGenius Exclusive 

M822: Chess Link 

M823: The King Element 

M824: The King Exclusive Lasker Edition 

M826: The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition 

M830: The King Performance 

ChessVolt is charged simply with the chess computer’s mains adapter. With ChessVolt many hours of play independent from the grid are guaranteed. Just connect your chess computer with the provided cable. 4 LEDs inform on the charge state.


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Product Details

Additional Information

Manufacturer Millennium
King Height 3.0'' inch / 7.62 cm
King Base Diameter 1.0'' inch / 2.54 cm
Square Size 1.625'' inch / 4.13 cm
Chess Board Footprint 16.75 " x 16.75"
Total Number of Pieces 32 Chess Pieces
Computer Rating (USCF) 2600+
Batteries Required AC Adapter Included With Purchase