The Millennium Karpov Chess School Chess Computer

Rated Over 1400 ELO / USCF 1600

Product Code: CPU-G02



Easy learning chess

World Champion Anatoli Karpov will teach you how to play chess or will be your opponent in playing chess. This chess computer is suitable for beginners, advanced or practiced chess players and is able to comment on your party in German or English, it can even warn of errors but also gives suggestions for improvement. Includes 8 puzzle games and a chess book. Recommended by the German Schachbund.

Some updates to the Chess School Computer:

  • Removal of the 7 additional games
  • Much better display
  • Display backlight
  • Brand new "HighSensitivity Board" - he chess board is much easier to play
  • Power Supply In for M811 Power Adaptor
  • 13 language manual included (as print) in the product


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Product Details

Additional Information

Google Yes
Manufacturer Millennium
King Height 1.25'' inch / 3.18 cm
King Base Diameter 0.5" inch / 1.27 cm
Square Size 0.7" in / 1.78 cm
Chess Board Footprint 10" x 7.25"
Computer Rating (USCF) 1600+
Batteries Required 3 x AA