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  1. A Pawn is Worth Three Tempi Front

    E-DVD A Pawn is Worth Three Tempi - Chess Lecture - Volume 94

    GM Jesse Kraai explains how to use the old Russian rule set to evaluate Tempo in chess. What is Tempi or Tempo in Chess? “The gaining or losing of time and effectiveness relative to one's continued mobility or developing position, especially with respect to the number of moves required to gain an objective: Black gained a tempo”.
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  2. Concerning Chess front

    E-DVD Concerning Chess - Chess Lecture - Volume 37

    Grandmaster Jesse Kraai examines objectivity in a series of two lectures, calculation in a series of 2 lectures and a bonus on rapid chess. Chess psychology, intuition and practical thinking.
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  3. Step by Step Training Guide Volume 1 Front

    E-DVD Step by Step Training Guide - in 5 Steps, Beginner to 1600 - Chess Lecture - Volume 2

    GM Jesse Kraai currently resides in Berkeley, California. His most notable chess achievements are winning the Denker Tournament of High School Champions in 1989 and 1990, and competing in the U.S. Championship from 2002-2006.
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  4. A Modern Take on Nimzowitsch Front

    E-DVD A Modern Take on Nimzowitsch - Chess Lecture - Volume 43

    GM Jesse Kraai gives us a modern look at the strategy and tactics of Aron Nimzowistch. Aron Niemzowitsch ( November 7, 1886 – March 16,1935) was a Russian born, Danish leading chess master and a very influential chess writer. He was the foremost figure amongst the hypermoderns. Nimzowitsch is considered one of the most important players and writers in chess history. His works influenced numerous other players, including Savielly Tartakower, Milan Vidmar, Richard Reti, Akiba Rubinstein, Brent Larsen and Tigran Petrosian. His influence is still felt today.
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