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MASTER METHOD - The Bryan Smith Method - GM Bryan Smith - Over 14 hours of Content!

The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength

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Master Method Series #15

American GM Bryan Smith believes there are just a few factors that really make the difference in becoming a top player. He calls them “The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength”.

In this course, Bryan helps you climb each of these 4 pillars: calculation, intuitive understanding, concrete knowledge and psychological factors. Study hard and, by the end of the 14½ hours, you will be a razor-sharp, mentally tough competitor, ready to conquer any challenge.

Covering topics rarely found elsewhere such as the Kotov syndrome and how to sense a tactical weakness, The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength is essential material for any competitive player.



Intro: The Four Pillars of Chess Strength.

CalculationStraight Line Calculation
  1. Advanced Calculation
  2. The Two Sides of Calculation
  3. The Kotov Syndrome
  4. Forgetting About the Opponent
  5. Assumptions
  6. Overlooked Candidate Moves
  7. Tunnel Vision 

Intuitive UnderstandingProphylactic Thinking

  1. Physical Space
  2. The False Attack
  3. Time Advantage
  4. Open File
  5. Harmony
  6. A Positional Operation
  7. A More Effective Piece
  8. Two Bishops
  9. King Position in the Long-Term
  10. Chess Sins
  11. Positional Sacrifice
  12. Sensing a Tactical Weakness

Extra: Etudes and Entertainment

  1. Koskinen-Kasman
  2. Etude by Kubel
  3. Etude by Moravec
  4. Etude by Platov
  5. Another Etude by Kubbel


Concrete KnowledgeThe Spanish as White
  1. The King’s Indian as Black
  2. The Nature of Specific Endgame Knowledge
  3.  Shouldering
  4. Pawn Endgames: Space Advantage
  5. Pawn Endgames: Triangulation
  6. Pawn Endgames: Breakthrough
  7. Pawn Endgames: Promotion Tactics
  8. Opposite Colored Bishops
  9. The Battle of Minor Pieces
  10. Activity in the Rook Endgame


Psychological Factors
  1. Critical Games
  2. Optimism and Pessimism

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Manufacturer iChess.net
Host GM Bryan Smith
Popular Collections Master Method
Publication Date Oct 3, 2017
Runtime 14 hours 30 minutes
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere