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Chess for the Gifted & Busy

A Short but Comprehensive Course - From Beginner to Expert

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Chess for the gifted and busy

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Customer Reviews

First Impressions Review by Kirk
I have read and owned other books by Alburt, including several in the Comprehensive Chess Course Series. I was interested in this title to see just how they would be condensing the other volumes. There is of course a lot of standard fair here. I am not impressed with the two chapters on the openings. They is some good advice but they are missing simple opening principles of king safety, active development of ones pieces, etc. As for typos I noticed one on one of the first diagrams I looked at. On page 68 the first example demonstrating the battery has 1. ...Rh1+ 2. Kxh1 Qxh2#. Well there is nothing on h2 so there is nothing for the Queen to take, i.e. (x). While this is only slightly annoying for me a new or beginning player might start getting confused. The other thing that I find annoying is the use of two different size board diagrams. Most of the diagrams are 1 5/8" square, but occasionally they switch to 1 1/8" squares for no apparent reason. Sometimes it seems like it is a device to save space but other times it wouldn't matter. As far as a space saving device it fails in it annoyance and distraction. Overall I give it a fair to good 3 stars for the breadth of information and the decent synthesis of it all. If you are a rated player of over say about 1600 there will be little new here for you unless you want a review of basics presented in perhaps new ways. (Posted on 7/18/2013)

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781889323244
Manufacturer Chess Information
Author/s Al Lawrence, Lev Alburt
Pages 304 Pages
Publication Date Oct 31, 2011
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback