Chess Parenting: Being good at chess has nothing to do with it

Most chess parents know very little about chess. Their kids quickly surpass them leaving the parents to wonder “How can I help?” Simple… provide chess opportunities!

Grandpa might give your child a chess book, maybe a tournament is just around the corner, or perhaps a chess club is starting at school – many chess opportunities will pop up and it is your job to determine which ones are worthwhile. One thing that can be a guiding principle for you is that a variety of experiences is important. Trying out tournaments, going through a book, doing a couple of private lessons are some examples.

However, no matter what you’re doing to support your child in chess, they will need certain types of chess equipment along the way. Specifically, a chess set. USCF Sales offers a variety of chess sets. While you can buy a chess board, chess pieces, and a bag to store it all in separately, you’ll save the most money when buying a combo:

COMBO26 comes with pieces and a board.

DYO-BSC-COMBO comes with pieces, board, and bag.

There are also School & Club Sets.

And you can design you own combo!

A brand new player only needs a board, pieces, and a bag. If your kids enjoy chess, they may become more serious about going to tournaments, in which case they will then need a chess clock and scorebook.

As you will almost certainly need to buy chess equipment at some point, please call us. Our job is to ensure you get exactly what you need so that you do not waste money

Buying chess equipment can be tough because there are so many choices of pieces, bags, and books. If you ever need any help, feel free to call us at 1-800-388-5464. By calling us, we can ensure you get the right equipment for your needs and specific situation!