Mackenzie, Mason & Co., Part VIII

Chess in New York Between 1866 and 1880
Why was there no match between Mackenzie and Mason in 1876? Which match win significantly increased Mason's international fame as a chess player? Who wrote many letters complaining about the way New York players organized their chess tournaments, and why did the Clipper Free Centennial Tournament have a controversial ending?
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Mackenzie, Masons & Co. offers the answers to these questions, and to many more. Author JOOST VAN WINSEN delves deep into the history of New York chess in 1876. This book, with more than 210 games, features not only the story of the leading masters of the metropolis, but also of the neglected players. Illustrated with scarce photographs and many diagrams, the work concludes with eight indices.

Mackenzie, Mason, and Co. is a series of books on New York chess in the period 1866 to 1880. This book is the eighth volume in the series. Part I (1866-1867) was published in 2012, part II (1868) in 2013, part III (1869) in 2014, part IV (1870) in 2015, part V (1871-1872) in 2018. part VI (1873) in 2019, and part VII (1874-1875) in 2020.

The Dutch journalist JOOST VAN WINSEN is also the author of James Mason in American. The Early Chess Career, 1867-1878 (2011)

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