Improve Your Practical Play in the Endgame

This book is bountiful with carefully selected examples from real games to help improve the reader's endgame. The focus of this book is to make the reader more familiar with various aspects of the endgame. the author believes this book is useful for any player regardless of skill level.
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Alexey Dreev is a two-time world U-16 champion, world championship candidate, multiple Olympiad gold medal winner and remains in the top 100 players in the world. A trainer and assistant to two former world champions Kramnik and Ponomariov as well as numerous other top players, Alexey has won top tournaments including Wijk aan Zee and Biel and continues to have tournament successes. A fine writer at the height of his powers, this is Alexey's eighth book, his second for Thinkers Publishing. 

The Middlegame is over and you're facing the final part of the game. How can you enhance your handling of this crucial part of the game? The endgame is arguably the most fascinating part of chess. Through carefully selected examples from real games, Alexey wants to make you more familiar with various aspects of the endgame. He believes that through careful reading and study of his book, any player regardless of level will significantly improve their skills. Even if you are unable to solve some of his exercises, they will still be of great use for the understanding if your chess. Alexey considers that his book will be useful for both club and professional chess players. 

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ISBN 9789492510594
Author/s Alexey Dreev
Pages 250 pages
Publication Date July 16, 2019
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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