Vladimir Kramnik is More Equal Than Others in the Scotch
In this issue’s Reviews Glenn Flear checks three opening books that have in common that, instead of detailed computer analysis where things can easily go wrong, they offer solid solutions: ''Mayhem in the Morra'' by Marc Esserman, ''The Powerful Catalan'' by Victor Bologan, ''The Complete Slav'' by Konstantin Sakaev and ''1. d4 - The Indian Defenses'' by Lars Schandorff.
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The Yearbook contains all major new chess opening developments in 35 chapters. Each issue brings dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess theory. An accessible way to keep up to date with main line opening theory.

Readers from all over the world join in discussions on previous Surveys. Titled players, correspondence players and club players shed their light on opening developments and search for the truth together. Including some very special Olympiad coverage by Viktor Moskalenko and Guliskhan Nakhbayeva!

In Benjamin’s Opening Takes and Kuzmin’s Harvest, grandmasters Joel Benjamin and Alexey Kuzmin present their views on novelties and opening tendencies in the latest top tournaments.

Book Reviews
In this issue, Glenn Flear reviews Mayhem in the Morra, the latest Sicilian craze, by Marc Esserman, Victor Bologan’s new opening book The Powerful Catalan, The Complete Slav by Konstantin Sakaev, and Lars Schandorff’s 1.d4 – The Indian Defences.

Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.a4 - SI 14.5 - Finkel
Sicilian Defence - Taimanov Variation 7.f4 - SI 40.2 - I. Almasi
French Defence - Winawer Variation 6...Qc7 - FR 11.8 - Karolyi
French Defence - Tarrasch Variation 3...Nf6 - FR 17.11 - Tzermiadianos
Caro-Kann Defence - Panov Attack 6...Bb4 - CK 3.1 - Sumets
Caro-Kann Defence - Panov Attack 6...Ne4 - CK 3.4 - Lukacs/Hazai
Caro-Kann Defence - Classical Variation 6.h4 - CK 12.3 - Tuncer
Ruy Lopez - Delayed Cozio Variation 4...Nge7 - RL 9.1 - Van de Oudeweetering
Ruy Lopez - New Arkhangelsk Variation 6...Bc5 - RL 12.6 - A. Kuzmin
Ruy Lopez - Early Divergences 6.d3 - RL 13.5 - Illingworth
Ruy Lopez - Open Variation 9.Nbd2 - RL 27.11 - Van der Tak
Scotch Opening - Four Knights Variation 4.d4 - SO 3.1-2 - Flear
Scotch Opening - Classical Variation 5.Nb3 - SO 5.8 - Finkel
King’s Pawn Openings - Centre Game 2.d4 - KP 2.6-11 - Adorjan/Vegh
Slav Defence - Chebanenko Variation 5.e3 - SL 3.1 - S. Kasparov
Slav Defence - Botvinnik Variation 16...Qa6 - SL 7.8 - Olthof
Slav Defence - Schlechter Variation 4...g6 - SL 10.3+8 - Kidambi
Catalan Opening - Accepted Variation 4...dc4 - CA 3.4 - Horvath/Juhasz
Nimzo-Indian Defence - Classical Variation 4...0-0 - NI 20.2 - De Dovitiis
Bogo-Indian Defence - 4.Bd2 Be7 Line - QI 1.3 - Panczyk/Ilczuk
Grünfeld Indian Defence - 4.e3 Line - GI 3.1 - V. Georgiev/Arnaudov
Grünfeld Indian Defence - Exchange Variation 7.Nf3 - GI 4.8 - Lemos Sarro
Grünfeld Indian Defence - Exchange Variation 7.Nf3 - GI 4.16 - Karolyi
Grünfeld Indian Defence - 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Qa4 Line - GI 7.4 - Vegh
King's Indian Defence - Classical Variation 9.b4 - KI 4.6+9 - Ikonnikov
English Opening - Reversed Dragon 3...d5 - EO 3.11 - V. Georgiev/Arnaudov
English Opening - Symmetrical Variation 3...g6 - EO 29.1 - Vilela

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