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MASTERCLASS - Damian Lemos' Endgame Chess Masterclass - GM Damian Lemos - 8 hours of Content! - Volume 6

Chess Endgame Masterclass
Discover the secrets of endgame strategy with this new, 8 hour course from GM Damian Lemos! Through the analysis of carefully chosen games, Damian explains the best guiding principles to follow in order the handle any endgame position!
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Masterclass #06


For most players the endgame is the great untapped resource for earning extra Elo points.

But learning theoretical positions is time-consuming and often pointless as these positions rarely occur in actual play.

GM Damian Lemos solves this issue with his Endgame Masterclass, an 8 hour exploration of the secrets of practical endgames and the all-important pre-endgame transition.

Mixing general principles with analysis of games from endgame greats like Capablanca, Karpov and Kasparov, GM Lemos teaches you how to dominate the final phase.

Squeeze every last half-point out of your opponents with Damian Lemos’ Endgame Masterclass!

Chapter Summary:

  1. Introduction
  2. Bad bishops, Reti-Olland 
  3. Capablanca-Reshevsky 
  4. Same-colored bishops 
  5. Opposite-colored bishops 
  6. Bishop pair vs. knight and bishop 
  7. Bishops and rooks 
  8. Adianto-Kasparov
  9. Endgame technique, Capablanca-Ragozin 
  10. Shirov-Sokolov
  11. Karpov-Svidler, part 1
  12. Karpov-Svidler, part 2
  13. Kasparov-Panno
  14. Karpov-Milov
  15. Superficial play
  16. Philidor position
  17. Matisons-Rubinstein 
  18. Matisons-Rubinstein, part 2
  19. Nimzowitsch-Andersen
  20. Lasker-Eliskases
  21. Kan-Capablanca
  22. Gaprindashvili-Nilsson
  23. Filippov-Kopachni 
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