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MASTER METHOD - The Karpov Method - GM Anatoly Karpov - Over 15 Hours of Content!

The Karpov Method
In this extraordinary 15 hour course, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov has put together the definitive training program on his approach to chess mastery.
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The Anatoly Karpov Comprehensive Chess Course

The Anatoly Karpov Master Method

Karpov Master Method

In this extraordinary 15 hour course, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov has put together the definitive training program on his approach to chess mastery.

Focusing on positional play, strategy, and endgames, The Karpov Method takes you into the inner circle, revealing Anatoly’s discoveries and some of the chess’ deepest secrets.

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from one of the greatest players of all time, as Anatoly Karpov talks candidly about his games, opponents and the method he used to solve problems at the board.

A true pioneer of the game, Karpov introduced strategic ideas, refined techniques and astounded the world with his masterful play. Now the 12thWorld Champion teaches you how to follow in his footsteps with an unforgettable tour of hidden chess truths.

In the Karpov Master Method, Anatoly Karpov and GM Ron W. Henley explain in an easy-to-understand way many of the strategies and tactics that brought Karpov success at key moments in his career.

As a bonus to the Master Method by World Champion Anatoly Karpov, the Karpov Method includes a 300+ pages pdf book on Anatoly Karpov, written by GM Ron W. Henley. All the examples from Karpov’s games presented in the course are included in the book. The table of contents gives you an overview of all topics and all the games. You can easily find the games in the book and recheck some key aspects or analyze them more deeply after having watched the course.

And that’s not all – in addition to the 15 hours of chess lessons is a fascinating in-person interview with Anatoly Karpov as he discusses Fischer, Kasparov, Carlsen and modern chess, among many other topics.

This is a very instructional series which explains strategy and tactics at a basic level both verbally and visually, whereby the student can easily understand the action on the chess board.

We start by taking a look at Early Games and some Anatoly Karpov Classics.

From there we move to look at the most amazing Combinations which are broken down by various tactical motifs and types of sacrifices. In the latter part of the course, we have a chance to look at Karpov’s Endgames.

Introduction: About this course

Part 1: Middlegame Strategy

Chapter 1: Karpov’s Early Games and Classics

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Early Games
  • Part 2: Karpov’s Classics

Chapter 2: The Bishop Pair

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: The Bishop Pair in the Middlegame
  • Part 2: The Bishop Pair in the Middlegame

 Chapter 3: Fighting Against the Bishop Pair

  • Introduction
  • Fighting Against the Bishop Pair, part 1
  • Fighting Against the Bishop Pair, part 2

Chapter 4: Opposite-Colored Bishops in the Middlegame

  • Introduction
  • Opposite-Colored Bishops in the Middlegame

Chapter 5: Passed Pawns

  • Introduction
  • Passed Pawns

Chapter 6: Pawn Structure

  • Introduction
  • Pawn Structure

Chapter 7: Space Advantage

  • Introduction
  • Space Advantage

Chapter 8: Counterattacking

  • Introduction
  • Middlegame counterattacks

Chapter 9: Defending the King

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Defending the King
  • Part 2: Defending The King

Chapter 10: Tactics and Combinations (Queen- and Rook Sacrifices)

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Queen Sacrifices 
  • Part 2: Rook Sacrifices (MiddleGame Rook Sacrifices)

Part 2: Endgames

Chapter 1: Bishop Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Bishop Endgames

Chapter 2: Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

Chapter 3: Rook Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Rook Endgames
  • Part 2: Rook Endgames

Chapter 4: Rook and Knight Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Rook and Knight Endgames

Chapter 5: Rook and Bishop vs Rook and Knight

Chapter 6: Queen Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Queen Endgames
  • Part 2: Queen and Rook vs Queen and Rook Endgames

Chapter 8: Queen and Knight vs Queen and Bishop Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Queen and Knight vs Queen and Bishop Endgames 

 Chapter 9: Rook and Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Rook and Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames 
  • Part 2: Rook and Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames 

Bonus: Interview with Anatoly Karpov 


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