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  1. Paramount Chess Database

    Paramount Chess Database

    Paramount is a unique historical collection of annotated chess games which will serve as a premium quality database for daily use by competitive players. While it is not intended to match the massive amount of material offered by similar databases on the market, it is the jewel that will differentiate your preparation from a great many others.
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  2. Chess Informant Quality Base 2019

    Chess Informant Quality Base 2019

    With a grand total of 118,201 games (73,052 full games and 45.149 game fragments), in numerical terms it is the biggest collection of annotated games on the market. In contrast to the commercial databases which offer millions of freely accessible games with no analysis, Quality Base is a triumph of quality over quantity.
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  3. Chess Informant 135-138 - Four Volumes in One

    Chess Informant 135-138 - Four Volumes in One

    More than 1000 deeply annotated games and 60 columns at a glance for your pleasure and chess study. Tournament reviews, opening labs and surveys, chess combinations, endings, and so much more… A complete overview of 2018 presented in a single, highly accessible CD presentation.
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  4. Chess Informants - The Best of Garry

    Chess Informants - The Best of Garry

    Garry Kasparov a great and inspiring  player who strongly influenced development of chess contributed to Chess Informant over thirty years. This Exclusive Digital Book relives Garry Kasparov's chess career.
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