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Product Code: SWB0150NIC

SHOPWORN - Tactics Time 2

1001 Real Chess Tactics From Real Chess Games
The best way to improve at chess is to solve tactics puzzles. But why do regular tactics books make amateurs study master games? Is it useful for beginners to analyze games that are unreal for everyday chess players? YES! Tactics Time 2 presents 1001 fresh and instructive positions.



Product Description

Description / SHOPWORN - Tactics Time 2

Thousands of beginners and casual chess players have improved by studying the tactical examples in Tactics Time 1. Now Tim Brennan and Anthea Carson are back with more real chess tactics from the games of players like you.

Tactics Time 2 presents 1001 fresh and instructive positions that Tim and Anthea have assembled from real amateur chess games. Forget about grandmaster and master games and just spend your time and energy on relatively simple patterns like a knight fork, an overloaded piece or a weak back rank.

After working with Tactics Time 2 you will not only know how to easily spot tactical shots, but you will also improve your game generally, gain confidence, use less time on the clock and start beating more opponents. Tim and Anthea say: don’t waste your time on studying chess puzzles you might never encounter again!

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Shopworn Yes
ISBN 978-9056915377
Pages 144
Publication Date Feb 6, 2015
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback

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