Bobby Fischer

Wherever you go in the world you'll find chess players and wherever you find chess players you'll find people who know of Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player in the history of America, and without doubt one of the greatest chess players of all-time. Fischer’s adventures, on and off the board, have been chronicled in many chess books and articles.

Robert James "Bobby" Fischer was born March 9, 1943 in Chicago Illinois, moving to at an early age. Bobby was fascinated with the game of chess even when he was just six years old. In fact he didn’t even want new friends unless they played chess. Fischer quickly made an impression on the local chess community. In the 1954 club championship, he tied for third to fifth-place even though most of his competition was several times his age. It didn't take long for Bobby Fischer to leap into the national tournament scene. In 1955 he participated in the U.S. junior a quite respectable even score considering he was only twelve years old. 

In 1956 he won the U.S. junior championship in Philadelphia won eight games drawn one end dropping just one. That same year he came to the attention of the entire chess world winning a brilliant game against Donald Byrne at the Rosenwald Memorial in New York City. A year later he not only won the U.S. Junior Championships with eight wins and just one draw, but also won the U.S. Open winning eight games and drawing four. Then  he won the United States championship, held in New York City. 


Robert J. "Bobby" Fischer




March 9, 1943


January 17, 2008



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In 1958 it was time for major international competition and Bobby Fischer was invited to a qualifying stage for the world championship. The tournament, known as an Interzonal, was held in Yugoslavia. He managed a very impressive tie for fifth and sixth place. Then he came back to New York and won the U.S. championship again, something which is going to be quite routine for him. He did it again in 1959 and in 1960 and1962. Bobby won the Interzonal tournament in Stockholm qualifying him to move on to a tournament of world championship candidates in Curacao .He finished fourth in that event, and then went off to win the U.S. championship yet again.

In 1963 Bobby Fischer achieved a result never matched in the history of American chess. He not only won the United States championship again, he won all 11 games, no draws, no defeats! To win a 12 player tournament with a perfect score is an almost impossible achievement, especially when all of the opponents are qualified chess masters.

It was time to make a serious bid for the world championship. In 1966 he took on many of the world's top players in the famous Piatigorski Cup in Santa Monica , California .He finished second there, then dominated the chess Olympiad in Havana  scoring 14 wins, two draws and only single loss. Then it was off to win yet another United States championship in New York so the stage was sacked for him to participate in a qualifying stage is for the 1969 world championship. That started with the Interzonal tournament in Sousse , Tunisia .Things were going quite well but after winning seven games and drawing three Bobby withdrew from the event.

Fortunately, in 1970 he was able to participate in the Interzonal tournament in, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He tore through the field winning 15 games, drawing seven and losing only won two to take first-place. Now he had to defeat three of the world's strong chess players in individual matches before he could challenge World Champion Boris Spassky.. Bobby Fischer not only achieved the goal, but he did so in a way that has never been duplicated an almost certainly never will. He smashed Mark Taimanov, a top Russian player, 6-0 with no draws. That remarkable achievement was followed by shutting out Bent Larson, the highly talented Danish player, by the same score. Against Tigran Petrosian, the world champion who held the title until Spassky took it away, he did lose one game, but won five and drew three to easily take the match. The stage was set for the dramatic confrontation between the famous Russian Boris Spassky world champion from Communist Soviet Union and Bobby Fischer the brash, unpredictable American.

When Bobby defeated Spassky by winning seven drawing 11 and losing three, he drew attention from the entire world. The Communist side in the Cold War considered themselves invulnerable at the chess board. A single American smashed all that and although Russia has continued to more or less dominate the world chess scene, the domination could never again be complete. Of the first ten world champions, the Soviet Union had produced five in a row. The defeat was a major psychological blow to the Soviet government. Bobby Fischer had clobbered the Soviet “army”.

In a dispute over regulations for his title defense, Bobby Fischer had the title taken away from him by the World Chess Federation. He did not show up to defend his title and so it went to the winner of the Candidates’ match between two Russian players, with Anatoly Karpov becoming the twelfth world champion. Unfortunately Karpov never played Fischer. Bobby went into self-imposed exile from the game, not to play chess for 20 years. When he was an active player he stuck to a fairly narrow set of chess openings, being an advocate of the Ruy Lopez as White and Najdorf Sicilian as Black.

In 1992, Bobby did play a match against his old nemesis Boris Spassky and defeated him handily. He didn’t play another serious game, and died in exile in Iceland, site of his greatest triumph, in 2008.

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    Bobby Fischer: Karpov on Fischer - VOLUME 3
    Catalog Code: DVD0011OT

    The 12th World Champion, Anatoly Karpov, has again selected his favorite games of the American World Champion - Robert J. Fischer. Here Karpov discusses some of the games played during the rematch between Robert Fischer and Boris Spassky in 1992.

    Bobby Fischer: Karpov on Fischer - VOLUME 3

    Bobby Fischer: Karpov on Fischer - VOLUME 2
    Catalog Code: DVD0010OT

    Continue with Anatoly Karpov in his specially created series of chess DVDs about the games of the American World Champion - Robert J. Fischer. Karpov has personally selected his own favorite Fischer victories, played during the American's historic World Championship Match with Boris Spassky in 1972.

    Bobby Fischer: Karpov on Fischer - VOLUME 2

    Bobby Fischer: Karpov on Fischer - VOLUME 1
    Catalog Code: DVD0009OT

    In a remarkable and unprecedented video-publishing endeavor, the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov has created a series of chess DVDs concerning the games of the American World Campion - Robert J. Fischer. Karpov has personally selected his own favorite Fischer games, played during the American's ''Quest for the Crown'' and prior to the ultimate showdown with Boris Spassky in 1972.

    Bobby Fischer: Karpov on Fischer - VOLUME 1

    WINNING CHESS THE EASY WAY - VOLUME 5 - Bobby Fischer's Most Brilliant Instructional Games and Combinations
    Catalog Code: DVD0005SP

    Susan Polgar will share with you her personal knowledge of Bobby Fischer. Susan answers some of the questions everyone wants to know like who would have won the Fischer vs. Karpov match in 1975; the impact Fischer had on chess; what she learned from Bobby and how he compares with today's best.

    WINNING CHESS THE EASY WAY - VOLUME 5 - Bobby Fischer's Most Brilliant Instructional Games and Combinations

    Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors - VOLUME IV
    Catalog Code: B0135EM

    This book brings together the two greatest names in the history of chess. The author, Garry Kasparov, is the world number one and, by common consent, the greatest player ever. The subject of the book, Bobby Fischer, is the only American to have become world champion and is probably the greatest natural talent the world has ever seen.

    Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors - VOLUME IV

    Bobby Fischer - The Greatest?
    Catalog Code: B0108IS

    This is a book in Descriptive Chess Notation of great importance not only because of the question it addresses, but because of who asks and then answers that question. Dr. Max Euwe, who was world chess champion from 1935 to 1937, compares and contrasts Bobby Fischer with the three greatest players before him, world champions Lasker, Capablanca and Alekhine.

    Bobby Fischer - The Greatest?

    The Chess of Bobby Fischer
    Catalog Code: B0102IS

    Bobby Fischer is regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. A movie ''Searching for Bobby Fischer'' was made about two of the times he disappeared. Although there are many books about Bobby Fischer, this is the only one that deals in depth with his second, in 1992, match against Boris Spassky and the one that explores in greatest depth his playing style and thought process.

    The Chess of Bobby Fischer

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer for Beginners
    The Most Famous Chess Player Explained
    Catalog Code: B0090NIC

    Bobby Fischer's lone fight against the Soviet chess powerhouse made him a global hero, also for people who did not play chess at all. The Russians trembled before him, the Americans and the rest of the world cheered him on. Fischer's chess prowess and his will to win were unparalleled. But so were his eccentric behaviour and his paranoia. After he won the world title, Bobby Fischer vanished and the former prodigy became a mystery. The memories of his successwere clouded by his anti-American and anti-Semite rants.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer for Beginners

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $5.00

    The Games of Robert J. Fischer
    Catalog Code: B0063IS

    he Games of Robert J. Fischer contains every serious traceable game of chess by Bobby Fischer from 1955 until his death in 2008. An appendix has been added to the original volume to include, in algebraic notation with diagrams, all 20 games actually played in the epic battle of Bobby Fischer vs. Boris Spassky in 1972 in Reykjavik, Iceland and all 30 games in their return match in Montenegro and Yugoslavia in 1992.

    The Games of Robert J. Fischer

    The Complete Games of Bobby Fischer
    Catalog Code: B0002IS

    As a massive work of reference to Fischer's chess science and technique, and as a tribute to the delights of Fischer's aesthetic prowess, this book can hardly be excelled. Meticulously documented, indexed and copiously illustrated. New Statesman Bobby Fischer became the youngest U.S. champion at the age of fourteen and later went on to defeat Boris Spassky in a titanic match for the world championship at Reykjavik in 1972, becoming the highest rated player of all time.

    The Complete Games of Bobby Fischer


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