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Alekhine's Defense

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    Play the Alekhine Defence
    Catalog Code: B0145EU

    In the Alekhine Defence, contrary to the classical methods of playing in the opening, Black does not fight for the centre with his pawns, but begins to exert immediate pressure against White's centre. Black's knight on f6 attacks the pawn on e4, and if it advances, then Black's d-pawn joins into the attack against it.

    Play the Alekhine Defence

    Alekhine Defense - A Complete Guide
    Catalog Code: B0004RCH

    This edition, consisting of 16 parts and 87 chapters, examines, among others, the lines of protection, the practice of which is dated exclusively to the twenty-first century. Thanks to modern technology and in-depth analysis, estimates of many previously known variants have also been changed. The book is written in a living literary language and will be useful as chess players with a high Elo ratio, and for fans. Increased format

    Alekhine Defense - A Complete Guide


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