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    The Modernized Modern Benoni
    Catalog Code: B0093TH

    Over time, my attention focused on the Modern Benoni. In this opening, the bishop on g7 is the same icon that is the basis of the King’s Indian, but here it can operate on the whole a1-h8 diagonal instead of being locked in by its own pawn on e5, as usually happens in the King’s Indian. Black’s plan is outrageously simple: with pawns on d6 and c5, and sometimes b4, he creates a breakwater that opens up space for his favorite on g7.

    The Modernized Modern Benoni

    The Modernized Delayed Benoni
    Catalog Code: B0057TH

    The Benoni is one of the most dynamic answers to 1. d4. The author investigated the different delayed move orders for Black and rehabilitating the whole set-up. We are convinced he will inspire the Benoni devotee seeking to outplay an unprepared opponent.

    The Modernized Delayed Benoni

    Reloaded Weapons in the Benoni
    Catalog Code: B0015TH

    The third in his "weapons" series for Thinker's Publishing, Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic analyzes the Benoni and introduces many new and unexplored ideas in this exciting opening. We are convinced that this book will inspire the Benoni player to use his "reloaded weapons" and achieve great results!

    Reloaded Weapons in the Benoni

    Ideas in the Modern Benoni - Chess Lecture - Volume 155
    Presented by IM David Vigorito
    Catalog Code: DVD0155CL

    The Modern Benoni is a very dynamic opening very popular at club level and is still unrefuted. The modern Benoni is a chess opening with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6.and is classified under the ECO codes A60–A79. After the initial moves, Black proceeds to capture on d5, creating a majority of black pawns on the queenside. 

    Ideas in the Modern Benoni - Chess Lecture - Volume 155

    Modern Themes in the Benoni - 2 DVDs - Chess Lecture - Volume 66
    Catalog Code: DVD0066CL

    The Modern Benoni was invented in 1927 by Frank Marshall at the New York Chess Tournament. Marshall played it twice, first for a draw against Capablanca, and again later losing to Aron Nimzowitch whom labeled the Modern Benoni an ''unfortunate extravagance'' in his annotations. In the 1950s interest in the system revived, as the King's Indian Defense gained in popularity among Soviet players and their investigations branched into related opening systems such as the Benoni. The imbalance inherent in the pawn structure of the Modern Benoni and the counter-chances this implies for Black appeals to aggressive players.

    Modern Themes in the Benoni - 2 DVDs - Chess Lecture - Volume 66


5 Item(s)

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