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    Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Opening - Volume 1: Indian Defenses
    Winning Quickly at Chess Series
    Catalog Code: B0001CH

    Everybody wants to win fast, preferably straight out of the chess opening. This book is a collection of games played by top players i which either White or Black wins in 15 moves or less either a result if blunders, an accumulation of mistakes or brilliant chess tactics.

    Through the study, if the games in this volume, you will improve your opening play, opening repertoire, strategies and tactical ability.

    Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Opening - Volume 1: Indian Defenses

    Catalan - 3RD EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0215IS

    Catalan, revised with recent games and new chess opening analysis by computer programs including Houdini. Since this book first came out the Catalan has been played with great success by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and other grandmasters. This has necessitated this great expansion with new games and the latest chess computer

    Catalan - 3RD EDITION


2 Item(s)

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