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    The Catalan - Move by Move
    Catalog Code: B0450EM

    The Catalan is a solid opening system in which White combines the Queen’s Gambit with a kingside fianchetto. In recent years it has become an increasingly popular choice at all levels of chess, and elite grandmasters such as Vladimir Kramnik have developed major new ideas for both White and Black. The Catalan can lead to a wide variety of positions, open or closed, tactical or strategic, that will suit players of all styles. In this book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald invites you to join him in studying the Catalan and its many variations. McDonald shares his experience and knowledge of the Catalan, examines the main plans for both sides and provides answers to the key questions.

    The Catalan - Move by Move

    POWER PLAY - A Repertoire for Black Against the Catalan - Daniel King - VOLUME 24
    Catalog Code: WIN0490CB

    The Catalan is a reliable opening for White, but there are ways for Black to shake White out of his complacency while still maintaining a sound and solid position himself. On this DVD Grandmaster Daniel King offers you a repertoire for Black against the Catalan, based around maintaining the rock of a pawn on d5.

    POWER PLAY - A Repertoire for Black Against the Catalan - Daniel King - VOLUME 24

    Regular Price: $33.95

    Special Price $27.16

    Dominate Black with the Catalan Opening - EMPIRE CHESS
    Catalog Code: DVD0089EP

    GM Axel Delorme, a Catalan devotee, reveals the mysteries behind the opening with detailed analysis of games from the highest level including those of seven classical World Champions. Even if you’re completely new to the Catalan Opening, this 3 hour course from French GM Axel Delorme will enable you to play the opening with great confidence and give you many ways of playing for the win.

    Dominate Black with the Catalan Opening - EMPIRE CHESS

    Opening Trends 3 - The Catalan - Chess Lecture - Volume 103
    Hosted by IM David Vigorito
    Catalog Code: DVD0103CL

    In the Catalan opening, White adopts a combination of the Queen’s Gambit and Reti Opening. White plays d4 and c4 and fianchettos the white bishop on g2. A common opening sequence is 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3. The Catalan derives its name from Catalonia—a nation inside of Spain. Used by Kramnik three times in the World Chess Championship in 2006, the Catalan has recently gained a good deal of attention by high-level GMs. It was also played four times by Anand in the World Chess Championship in 2010 against Topalov, Vigorito explains that game and others in this DVD.

    Opening Trends 3 - The Catalan - Chess Lecture - Volume 103

    Catalan - 3RD EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0215IS

    Catalan, revised with recent games and new chess opening analysis by computer programs including Houdini. Since this book first came out the Catalan has been played with great success by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and other grandmasters. This has necessitated this great expansion with new games and the latest chess computer

    Catalan - 3RD EDITION

    The Powerful Catalan
    A Complete Repertoire For White
    Catalog Code: B0122NIC

    In this book top Grandmaster Victor Bologan presents a complete repertoire for White. He covers all of Black’s options as well as possible transpositions to other openings.

    The Powerful Catalan


6 Item(s)

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