Dutch Defense

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    EBOOK - Play the Dutch
    An Opening Repertoire for Black Based on the Leningrad Variation
    Catalog Code: E-B0311EM

    There's no doubt that the Dutch Defence is one of Black's most enterprising answers to 1 d4. Black strives to unbalance the position by creating an asymmetrical pawn structure on the very first move, giving himself every opportunity to fight for the initiative from the outset. It's no surprise that the Dutch particularly appeals to ambitious players who relish a complicated battle.

    EBOOK - Play the Dutch

    EBOOK - Starting Out - Dutch Defence
    Catalog Code: E-B0006EM

    The Dutch Defence is an ambitious and underrated counter to the queen's pawn opening. With his very first move Black creates an asymmetrical pawn structure, thus unbalancing the position from a very early stage and allowing both White and Black players to fight for the initiative. Black also has many options within the Dutch Defence, from the ultra-solid Stonewall formation through to the fluid Classical System and the dynamic Leningrad Variation.

    EBOOK - Starting Out - Dutch Defence


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