Dutch Defense

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    An Aggressive Opening Repertoire for the Club Player
    Chess University
    Catalog Code: B0112EU

    Nikolai Kalinichenko, an international grandmaster in correspondence player and author of some 40 chess titles, presents here a complete and up-to-date opening repertoire. It is intended for players of attacking style, or for use when the competitive situation demands an aggressive approach. The repertoire is based on 1. e4 as White and the Sicilian Dragon and Leningrad Dutch as Black. Suggestions are also offered against all the opponent's main alternatives.

    An Aggressive Opening Repertoire for the Club Player

    The Leningrad Dutch
    An Active Repertoire Against 1. d4, 1. c4, 1. Nf3
    Catalog Code: B0105EU

    GM Vladimir Malaniuk has been the main driving force behind the Leningrad Variation for decades. Malaniuk has found many original plans which turned this branch of the Dutch into an active and dangerous weapon. White cannot enter dull and boring positions even if he insists on this.

    The Leningrad Dutch


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