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    Dreispringerspiel bis Königsgambit - GERMAN EDITION
    Moderne Theorie der Schacheröffnungen
    Catalog Code: B0190IS

    Three Knights Game, Four Knights, Italian game, Two Knights, Russian Defence, Vienna Game, including the King's Gambit A new opening book by Keres - which for many chess fans the big event! No doubt rightly, for the well-known Soviet chess grandmaster knows not only how to explain the current state of opening theory, but he has enriched himself with important ideas in the theory of many openings. His basic opening works therefore receive the most recognition worldwide.

    Dreispringerspiel bis Königsgambit - GERMAN EDITION

    Garry Kasparov's Opening Repertoire
    Catalog Code: B0137IS

    This work has been updated in 2012 to include all of the latest World Chess Championship matches by Garry Kasparov.

    Garry Kasparov's Opening Repertoire

    Flank Openings
    Catalog Code: B0078IS

    Traditional chess openings emphasize control of the center. Flank Openings are opening systems first developed by such players as Reti and Nimzowitsch in which the player of the white pieces concedes control of the center to Black, but then seeks to undermine the center and cause it to collapse with attacks from the sides. Grandmaster Raymond Keene explains the concepts and ideas behind these chess opening systems.

    Flank Openings


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