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    Dreispringerspiel bis Königsgambit - GERMAN EDITION
    Moderne Theorie der Schacheröffnungen
    Catalog Code: B0190IS

    Three Knights Game, Four Knights, Italian game, Two Knights, Russian Defence, Vienna Game, including the King's Gambit A new opening book by Keres - which for many chess fans the big event! No doubt rightly, for the well-known Soviet chess grandmaster knows not only how to explain the current state of opening theory, but he has enriched himself with important ideas in the theory of many openings. His basic opening works therefore receive the most recognition worldwide.

    Dreispringerspiel bis Königsgambit - GERMAN EDITION

    Handbuch Des Schachspiels - GERMAN EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0034IS

    This is probably the most famous chess book ever written and is certainly the most influential chess book ever written.Paul Rudolf von Bilguer (21 September 1815 - 16 September 1840) was a German chess master and chess theoretician from Ludwigslust, Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

    Handbuch Des Schachspiels - GERMAN EDITION


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