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    How to Beat the Open Games
    1. e4 e5: Sizzling Ideas for Black!
    Catalog Code: B0201GB

    The Open Games (those beginning 1 e4 e5) are now more topical than ever, featured in a high proportion of elite-level games. This new user-friendly guide offers players of all levels a carefully worked-out repertoire, taking into account this wealth of new material. Noted opening writer Sverre Johnsen has also taken a critical look at the more traditional Open Games, where theory is often based on old or obscure games.

    How to Beat the Open Games

    A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White
    A Quick-to-Learn King's Pawn Repertoire with Healthy Development and Attacking Chances
    Catalog Code: B0193GB

    By carefully choosing variations that lead to similar structures, IM Sam Collins has put together a powerful repertoire book ideal for players with limited study time. White opens with 1 e4 and develops his pieces to natural squares, seeking open lines and the initiative.

    A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White


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