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    Pirc Alert - 2ND EDITION
    A Complete Repertoire Against 1. e4
    Catalog Code: B0016LV

    Does a fine job at being thematic while offering enough analysis to satisfy anyone - Andy Soltis, Chess Grandmaster and legendary Chess Author. Win more games and enjoy chess more as you play and understand it better! Packed with surprise-weapons, Pirc Alert! gives you everything you need to know to defend against White's most popular way of starting the game. Alburt and Chernin explain both the winning ideas as well as the moves of the Pirc Defense, a dynamic system used by the world's chess elite.

    Pirc Alert - 2ND EDITION

    CLEARANCE - Beating the Pirc/Modern with the Fianchetto Variation
    Catalog Code: CB0074CD

    One of the most solid and consistently successful systems available against 1..d6 and 1..g6 is the subtle Fianchetto. If you play 1.e4, you will want to know how to beat the Pirc/Modern. If you play either of these 2 defenses, you will want to know what will be played against you. The White setup is pawns at e4, d4, and g3, White Knights at c3 and e2, and Bishops at g2 and usually e3 - then attack, attack!
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Beating the Pirc/Modern with the Fianchetto Variation

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $2.00

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