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    Killer d4 - Volume 1
    Catalog Code: DVD0043OT

    In the first of this two part DVD series, GM Simon Williams will guide you through an extremely aggressive repertoire based on 1 d4. Concentrating on gambits and sharp play, this opening has been Simon's weapon in becoming a Grandmaster. Learn his secrets and the secrets of a Grandmaster in this 7 hour DVD!

    Killer d4 - Volume 1

    Killer d4 - Volume 2
    Catalog Code: DVD0044OT

    In the second DVD in this series, GM Williams takes a look at everything else that you need to know when playing 1 d4. The aim of the DVD is to teach things in a simple yet effective manner, where both club players and Grandmaster will be able to pick up something useful. In the host's opinion, aggressive, attacking chess is the key to success at Chess. This repertoire helped GM Williams earn his Grandmaster title so there is no reason that it cannot do the same for you!

    Killer d4 - Volume 2


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