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    Starting Out - 1. d4 & 1. e4
    A Reliable Repertoire for the Improving Player
    Catalog Code: B0454EM

    In these two books, brought together now for the first time in one volume, John Cox and Neil McDonald solve the perennial problems by providing the reader with strong and trusty repertoires with white pieces based on the popular opening moves of 1d4 and 1e4. The recommended lines given here have stood the test of time and are regularly employed by Grandmasters. These books are written in Everyman Chess's distinctive Starting Out style, with plenty of notes, tips and warnings throughout to help the reader to absorb ideas.

    Starting Out - 1. d4 & 1. e4

    Starting Out - Open Games
    Catalog Code: B0276EM

    'Open Games' refer to a myriad of openings arising after the ever-popular 1 e4 e5: the Italian Game, the Scotch, The Two Knights Defence, the King's Gambit, the Evans Gambit, the Bishop's Opening, the Four Knights, the Petroff and much more besides.

    Starting Out - Open Games

    Starting Out - The Reti
    Catalog Code: B0295EM

    The Reti is a popular opening at all levels of chess. The great advantage it possesses over other openings is that it's a thematic system which can be adopted against many different defences, and because of this it's a firm favourite amongst those who prefer the understanding of ideas over dry memorization of moves.

    Starting Out - The Reti


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