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    Blindfold Chess
    History, Psychology, Techniques, Champions, World Records, and Important Games
    Catalog Code: B0005MF

    During the 18th century, when Philidor played two blindfold games of chess simultaneously, eyewitnesses were asked to swear affidavits attesting to this remarkable feat. Since then, blindfold chess - the art of playing without sight of the board or pieces - has produced some of the greatest feats of human memory, progressing to the extent that the world record is 45 simultaneous blindfold games.

    Blindfold Chess

    The War Of the Chessmen
    Catalog Code: B0003CA

    This is the first publication of a manuscript by del Rio written around 1800 but unpublished until this edition in 1984. The original Italian plus English commentary added by Professor Christopher Becker who has added a long scholarly introduction which traces the early development of chess and explains the place of this work in chess history.

    The War Of the Chessmen


2 Item(s)

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