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    CLEARANCE - American Chess Art
    Catalog Code: CB0038CD

    There is no longer any excuse for study enthusiasts familiar with the contemporary scene to remain uninformed, as I admit to have been myself, about the development of composition on the other side of the Atlantic. All is now revealed by the man most competent to do so. Walter Korn, for many years the leading American endgame columnist, traces the evolution of the endgame study. Walter Korn writes with feeling. He shares the suffering and elation of those he writes about. He has been through it all himself and his descriptive writing stems from a deep love of his subject and of the work of his compatriots. A warm hearted book.'' - an excerpt from a review by C.M. Bent in the British Chess Magazine.
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    CLEARANCE - American Chess Art

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    Pandolfini Endgame Course
    Basic Endgame Concepts Explained by America's Leading Chess Teacher
    Catalog Code: B0017SS

    The endgame has always been a particularly instructive phase of chess play. It provides the perfect opportunity for understanding the potential power of each chess piece in every chess situation-from opening move to checkmate. Yet unfortunately, the endgame is often viewed as an inaccessible area of play by average players whose experience is usually limited to watching championship games. Now Pandolfini's Endgame Course changes all that.

    Pandolfini Endgame Course


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