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    CLEARANCE - Start Playing Chess
    Learn the Rules of the Royal Game
    Catalog Code: B0173NIC

    Award-winning author Charles Hertan has written a lively and user-friendly chess primer for kids and other beginners. He'll teach you the ins and outs of the chess board., how the pieces move, the value of the pieces and much more! With this book, you'll learn all of the important rules and get tips on how to start playing chess yourself.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Start Playing Chess

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price $5.00

    Basic Chess Openings for Kids
    Play Like a Winner from Move One
    Catalog Code: B0158NIC

    In his trademark humorous and kid-friendly way, Hertan teaches what you should actually be trying to achieve at the start of a game. Kids will love learning how to avoid The Five Most Common Opening Mistakes.

    Basic Chess Openings for Kids

    CLEARANCE - Power Chess for Kids - Volume 2
    More Ways to Think Ahead and Become One of the Best Players in Your School
    Catalog Code: B0132NIC

    For kids who love to amaze their friends with their chess skills, Charles Hertan presents new ways to find Power Moves, winning tactics that require thinking ahead. In Volume 2, the four special teachers get a new colleague! Knelly the Knight arrives on the scene and will assists Zort (a computer from outer space), the Dinosaurs, the Power Chess Kids and the Chess Professor. Together they will help you to become a very dangerous chess player.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - Power Chess for Kids - Volume 2

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Power Chess for Kids
    Learn How to Think Ahead and Become One of the Best Players in Your School
    Catalog Code: B0104NIC

    A power move, explains experienced chess teacher Charles Hertan, is a winning master tactic that requires thinking ahead. To become one of the best chess players in your school you need to be able to think just 1,5 moves ahead, and this book teaches the four basic tricks do so.

    Power Chess for Kids


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