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    CLEARANCE - How To Win At Chess
    Catalog Code: CB0115RB

    A superb refresher course and the ideal follow-up to Ray Keene's best-selling Chess for Absolute Beginners.
    Unbeatable Deal

    CLEARANCE - How To Win At Chess

    Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess
    Aggressive Strategies and Inside Moves from the U.S. Junior Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0005SS

    The subject of the book and movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, Josh Waitzkin has long been the top-ranked player for his age in the United States and a role model for chess-playing kids everywhere. Now, for the first time, Waitzkin reveals the aggressive tactics and psychological techniques that have propelled him to the forefront of the chess world.

    Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess

    Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors
    84 One- Two- and Three-Move Combinations for the Developing Chessplayer
    Catalog Code: B0003HY

    In our modern era in which many chess opening and middlegame positions are guided by sophisticated stratagems, the iron fist of tactical blows is still inevitably the final arbiter of the result.

    Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors


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