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    Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937
    Two Volumes Bound as One
    Catalog Code: B0045DV

    This unequaled collection reproduces Alekhine's 220 best games, his own personal acounts of the dazzling victories that made him a legend. Spanning almost thirty years of tournament play, it includes historic matches against Capablanca, Euwe and Bogoljubov, and chronicles his briliant ascent to world mastery, his surprising defeat in 1935, and his dramatic return two years later - the first deposed champion to regain his crown.

    Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess - 1908-1937

    Three Hundred Chess Games
    English Language Edition
    Catalog Code: B0007HY

    Grandmaster Siegbert Tarrasch, in Three Hundred Chess Games, takes the combinational school of Paul Morphy and combines it with the positional school founded by Wilhelm Steinitz. The result is a powerful system of chess player utilitized by some of the greatest masters since the turn of the twentieth century. Dr. Tarrasch's system reflects the entire store of knowledge of chess, up to the hypermodern era.

    Three Hundred Chess Games

    Bobby Fischer - Complete Games Of the American World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0009HY

    A thorough look at the games of the man recognized as the greatest Chess player of all time. Bobby Fischer's genius and uncompromised attitude raised the entire world's consciousness of chess and paved the way for multi-million dollar prize funds enjoyed by today's top players.

    Bobby Fischer - Complete Games Of the American World Chess Champion

    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
    62 Masterpieces of Chess Strategy
    Catalog Code: B0037DV

    Sixty-two masterly demonstrations of the basic strategies of winning at chess, featuring games by the greatest chess masters Capablanca, Tarrasch, Fischer, Alekhine, Lasker, Petrosian among them compiled and annotated by one of chess literature's most brilliant authors.

    The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played

    Botvinnik - 100 Selected Games
    Catalog Code: B0036DV

    Learn chess from a World Champion! These 100 games were selected and annotated by Botvinnik himself as the best games he played before becoming World Champion in 1948. Includes contests against Alekhine, Capablanca, Euwe, Keres, Reshevsky, Smyslov and others. Author explains his theories, the development of Russian chess and six end game studies.

    Botvinnik - 100 Selected Games

    CLEARANCE - Morphy's Games of Chess
    Catalog Code: B0018DV

    A thorough analysis of Chess Games by the greatest player of all time, Paul Morphy. It features 54 against such masters as Anderssen, Harrwitz, Mongredien, Bird, Paulsen and others; 52 of the best blindfold games; 52 games at odds; and 142 in consultation, informally, etc. Detailed annotations of games by such expert analysts as Sergeant, Steinitz, Anderssen and Morphy himself.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Morphy's Games of Chess

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $10.00

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