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Chess Middlegames

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    From the Middlegame into Endgame
    Catalog Code: B0210EM

    Grandmaster Edmar Mednis, a world expert on the endgame, shows how to proceed in the minimum number of moves from the opening to a favorable endgame, essentially bypassing the middlegame. He discusses 11 different openings, including both open and closed systems, in each case explaining the best routes to particular endgame positions. These positions are then analyzed, using master games to illustrate various winning plans. Because of the clear exposition of endgame principles, the student will learn not only about these specific positions, but also about endgame play in general.

    From the Middlegame into Endgame

    CLEARANCE - Chess Middlegame Combinations
    Catalog Code: B0005AC

    Chess Middlegame Combinations, a companion volume to Chess Middlegame Planning, forms the second part of Peter Romanovsky's classic Russian textbook on the middlegame. Now available for the first itme in an English language translation, Chess Middlegame Combinations is written with a view to helping the reader acquire a practical understanding of middlegame techniques as well as an appreciation for the beauty and aesthetics of chess.
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    CLEARANCE - Chess Middlegame Combinations

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